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Until further notice, YoRoomie! has been pull from the app store will no longer be available for use.  We want to thank the people who took the opportunity to discover roomies in their area.

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I’ve experienced the difficulty of trying to find and connect with a potential roommate, but now with Yoroomie, I’m all set with a friend that understands how I live. Great UX. Will use again and recommend. Made the move from DTLA to Santa Monica possible.

Will use again

Love this app!!!

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Super easy

Great approach to be able to chat with real people and find a match. Most apps just show places and don’t connect me with cool folks. Great job and looking forward to more updates and features!!!

Met my new roommate through this app! Simple to use and not a lot of fancy controls which is my preference. I’ve showed this app to some friends who are looking for roommates, and they are receiving tons of messages as well.

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